Dick Wolff Management
Dick Wolff Management

Judicial collection procedures

If all efforts to collect your debt out of court are unsuccessful, legal action can subsequently be commenced.

Usually the costs of judicial collection procedures are largely at the debtor's expense but must be paid in advance by the creditor. If the debtor is bankrupt then you have to not only accept that the debt is irrecoverable but you also have invested further costs which you can no longer claim back. It is therefore very important to check the likelihood of success beforehand. Under the service „Credit rating information“ we are happy to give you information about other possibilities.

For legal action, the documentation which proves your debt is very important. You will need to allow for translation costs for the documents, official certification and an apostille here. Our partners also need the appropriate power of attorney so that they can represent the creditor in court.

Our many years of experience have shown that working methods and, in particular, judicial collection procedures in other countries are different than those that one is used to in one's own country. There are sometimes enormous waiting times or the costs are not at all in proportion to your debt. Accordingly, our partners abroad will inform us of the legal possibilities and expected costs and give us a recommendation which is individual to each case.

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