Dick Wolff Management
Dick Wolff Management

International debt collection carried out locally

Hardly anyone reacts to warnings from abroad anymore and we know from years of experience that debt collection is most effective when it is carried out locally.

This has many advantages:

  • Communication difficulties are minimised
  • Familiarity with laws, norms and customs
  • Cooperation with national credit protection agencies
  • Processing is made easier

Our partners contact the debtors in their own languages meaning that communication difficulties can be ruled out. They know and follow the respective national law, norms and customs which guarantees respectable debt collection.

Our partners can report negative payment history to the credit protection agencies in their own country, which can jeopardise the debtor's credit rating for a long time. The debtors can pay outstanding debts to our partners via a domestic transfer so complicated international transfers are not an excuse, particularly for smaller amounts.

We work under fair, success-orientated conditions and are happy to offer you advice. Contact us- we speak German, English, French and Dutch.

Fees and conditions:
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