Useful information

State of the case

When there are any updates about your case, our partner will inform us and we forward this information to you as soon as possible. Of course, you are allowed to ask about the status of the case and we will then ask our partner for an update.


Our partners balance their accounts with us once a month. After the monthly settlement, we prepare a statement of charges, deducting our success commission, and send it on the same day that the amount is transferred.

Direct payment

If a debtor pays his debts directly to you despite the case having been given to us, we request to be informed about the debt amount so that we can issue our bill for the success commission.

Data transfer

You can send us your outstanding debts together with the debtor data via email, postal mail or online system. It is important at the same time that we receive a copy of the invoice as well as all of the information of the debtor (first and last name or the company’s name, where required, the person’s date of birth, where required, the tax number, and address and contact information).

Any further documents or information can increase the chances of a positive result. Therefore: The more, the better!